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We don’t see things the way they are. We see them the way WE are.
 - Talmud 
Coming to this realization is a hard one for most people. It is easier to see the terrible things occurring around you as the fault of an outside source, instead of your own. It is always easier to blame others, isn't it?
There are those who see the world as happening TO them. This, that and the other bad thing happened TO them. What those people do not realize is the world is reacting to the way you perceive it to be. If you see the world as hurtful, negative, and filled with rotten people. This is what you will get. However, if you see the world filled with the light of loving humans who want to help and make a difference. You find your life mirroring that ideal. If you see the world as a place of hope, and a place where your dreams and expectations WILL come true. This will be true to YOU. Your experience here in this big wide world is exactly as you perceive it. YOU truly do control what happens in journey. Simple by your thought process. Carefully watch the way your thoughts travel... And if they are negatively based make a conscious effort to find all the positive in that negative outlook until in time all that is left is the conscious effort to think positive. It takes time to change deeply ingrained habits, but watch the change that occurs when you do!

I really loved this amazing article written about a mother explaining to her son about the light of positivity. It was amazing, and I think I will be taking her approach with my kids as well. 
"The brightness of our light is not about how nice our things are or how famous or popular we are.  Our lights get bright any time we think positively and treat others well, and are grateful for our lives.  Anytime you are thankful and kind, your light gets brighter.  Anytime things are bad and you look for the good, your light is made more powerful. This is why people are drawn to someone who is positive, because a bright light draws things to it.  Your light is your aura, and a positive aura attracts more positivity and good things." 


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