Mission: Fairy Garden.

Welcome spring! Welcome warmth! Welcome flowers! 
If you know me, you know I am obsessed with all things fantasy. Fairies especially. The other day I was inspired to start a project with Trace that would be so much fun! In our backyard there is a single large tree in the fenced in area where the kids play. Right now the only thing it houses is a bird home. Until this summer! Trace and I will be taking on our newest project! A fairy garden! I am going nuts over the idea. I want to dig a small circle around the tree, fill it with fresh new dirt, grab as many flowers as I can ( I am thinking lilacs and daffodils), and encircle it with beautiful rocks. Inside it will look something like this.... 
I plan on adding fairy and gnome statues all over the place! A bustling little oasis of whimsy for the kids and I. Included bird feeders, bird baths, colorful mushrooms, rocks hand painted by Trace and who could forget the door into the tree where all the fairies and gnomes go in for the night!
Since thinking of the idea I have not been able to stop planning it! I have all the statues and figurines I want in my shopping cart at Gnomespixiesandmore, the only thing I am waiting for is the money to make all the magic come to life. Little by little should get it done :) 
The only set back in the entire plan is I have no idea how to garden (or keep flowers alive), but it can't be that hard right? Pour dirt, stick flowers in dirt, water. Voila! Or am I totally off course here? Oh well... for Trace it will be a messy dirty fun time. I want him to experience the outdoors and to get his hands covered in Earth. I am so excited to have the kids outside all day every day, it is so important for their physical and mental growth. What a stimulating experience to help Mother Nature by being a part of planting new life!
 And for mama, well, I am just excited I can build my own little fairy dream town! 
If only I could move in.... hehe. 
When this project begins I will document the whole process!
And if anyone has any ideas on low maintenance flowers let me know because I can use all the help I can get!

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