Today Was Amazing

I feel completely "family fulfilled". Today would be one of those days where if I were to rate my parenting 1-10 it would be a 12. I feel amazing!
The day started with breakfast at daddy's work. Pancakes with my two munchkins.

After breakfast we drove home for nap time. Here was my Facebook status at that point:
"Cleaning with the windows open, breathing in the fresh warm air, the sounds of happy birds as my playlist, and sleeping babies dreaming of the fun day ahead. It couldn't be any simpler, and it couldn't be any better! I ooze with gratitude every single day."

I went out to water the freshly bloomed flowers. I soaked up the sun and the simplicity of it all. 

After the kids woke up from their naps we played "Diner" together. Trace made a batch of top notch 'Cheez-it soup' (if that was ever made in real life I would vomit) and we set the table for the customers who were starving for a batch of this famous soup.

And then it was outdoors to get muddy, messy and full of grass and dirt! 

And of course a jam packed spring (well, almost) day wouldn't be complete without ice cream!

2 hours, one mud covered Phoenix, naked sprinkler time gone wrong, and a few tears later we headed inside to jump in the bath and get cleaned up. Mama was exhausted by this point!
Two cleaned up babies and a some Lion King makes for a wonderful relax time.
And hey, more cheez-its, eaten with only your feet of course.

Once daddy arrived home we headed out again for a little walk before bed. I was panting two step in, I am so out of shape! Tisk tisk...

Walks left everyone exhausted and ready for bed, mommy and daddy included. 
Jammies on, teeth brushed, cuddles with mama while vegging out in front of the tv, and the kids were ready to hop into their soft beds. 

Yes, I am raising two toddlers. There were fights, tears, and tantrums. Of course. But today my patience was golden. I brought myself back to "toddler Kelly" each time an issue occurred. I listened, I soothed, I didn't raise my voice. At least not until 5 when I was completely shot, haha. I loved outwardly with hugs and physical touch that showed my pride on the inside for my children. I met their needs with soft gentle responses and at the end of the day it left me feeling exhausted but completely filled to the brim. I am so pleased with the way today went. It was no different then any other day, but the attitude I brought to being present in my parenting made all the difference. 
Jeez, I am beaming. 

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts, they are inspiring and uplifting always brightening my day~ thank you ^_^

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