Frenzied Cleaning Mama!

The hubby is home today and I plan on sucking him up into my crazy cleaning frenzy. I am a clean-a-holic regularly, but this pregnancy is enhancing it quite a bit. Everything is bothering me. I want to de-clutter, dust constantly, have spotless counters always, and vacuum twice a day every day. 

If it makes me happy then I don't care.
I take pride in my home and where I dwell 24/7. I need it as clean as I can make it! And I also need new dining room curtains. These dingy IKEA drapes are driving me up a wall!

I am dying to paint this fireplace all white! And I would love to find more "spring-y" type decorations for the mantel. 

The bookshelf is a little too cluttered for me, I gotta fire out a plan for this...

I am finding more and more that I just want things as simple as can be. As streamlined as possible. And that idea has been turning me into a freak!

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