My Senses Are Tingling

A few days ago I went up to my room to take a nap. I was exhausted, and thought once my head hit the pillow I would be out like a light. It was not the case. For some time now, maybe even a month, I have had this lingering feeling that "something" was building inside of me. It left me feeling antsy, and confused as to what I needed to be doing. Everything inside of me pointed towards action but I had no clue where to begin... 
Until I laid down for my nap and my head exploded with the entire basis for a children's book. A short story on teaching happiness in its simplest form to toddlers. Everything spilled out of my mind faster then I could process. And I laid wide awake for at least an hour mulling over what was circling my brain. These thoughts had become their own entity. As I observed them I realized my body had lessened some of the tension it had been harboring. I felt lighter, and happier. Was this what had been building up for so long? I wasn't quite sure but I took action immediately.
I have learned to trust and deeply love my intuition. It has lead me to many beautiful people and experiences. And it has also lead me away from people and experiences I should not be a part of. The times I have ignored my intuition, were times I had kicked myself later. I now know strongly to follow what my "gut" tells me. 
Now this is not me telling you that I have written some form of amazing book that will make me rich. In fact I think I may be too shy to show it to anyone really. However, the simple fact that I took action on a large free roaming thought made me feel good. I got to writing, to planning, to typing. and finished the entire 18 page (child like pages, of course) book in a little over an hour. And I plan on working on this until it looks like a real book. Right now it sits on my laptop waiting for the next step. 
By following my intuition and not just fighting my brain for sleep, I released a months worth of pent up "ick". I filled my cup by following my own path. I listened to myself and in turn brought joy that gave me the power to go forward in my parenting and my pregnancy with a newly charged battery. I took the time to do something for me, and only me. I was creative and spontaneous. While the story has been sitting dormant for a few days now, I still feel so accomplished. I love this feeling!

On another note I am even more inspired now that I stumbled across this amazing DIY blog! This couple makes me want to buy a home and completely gut it just to remodel things I have no idea how to do!


Rebecca said...

Good for you for listening to that intuition! It's always such a good feeling when you do.

Nothing good ever comes from ignoring it!

Dana said...

First of all, wow--congratulations on your book! Second of all, I LOVE Young House Love. They have inspired me to do so many DIY projects. If you do any DIY, I would love to see it! I share some of my DIYs on my own blog.

Also. At the risk of sounding totally creepy, I wanted to tell you a funny story. I have been following your blog since the beginning. I'm actually a student at Wesleyan University, and I used to go to O'Rourke's every other day with my boyfriend. We ended up making friends with a lot of the staff there, including your hubz. This was back when you were pregnant, and when you had your first, Derek gushed about how beautiful his family is and he told us we could friend him on Facebook to check out your darling little one (now "ones"!). So some time later he linked up your blog and the rest is history :) I'm sorry if that sounded super creepy. My boyfriend and I were so happy for you guys. It is really so sweet to be able to follow your blog, too!

So there's my little connection. Hope I didn't scare you!

HelloKelly said...

Rebecca you are so right, no good ever does come from ignoring what your "Jiminey Cricket" is telling you :) I am I getting better at deciphering that quicker.

Dana, your comment made me so happy! You didn't sound creepy at all! It's so cute you and your boyfriend go to O'Rourkes so often! Derek is always making new friends there and telling me all about them. Can you believe how quickly time has flown by since our first was born? Jeesh! I feel like a baby machine lol. Thank you so much for following me on my journey, it has been a crazy one! And if I ever start any DIY projects you better believe I will document the whole process, and I am sure there will be alot of "ooops" moments lol. I am not a crafty girl at all. But i'd love to be :D I will start by checking out what you have done so far!

Dana said...

I'm so glad I didn't scare you, Kelly! Haha. Time HAS really flown by. I started going to O'Rourke's when I was a freshman and now I'm a senior graduating in May! What the what?! And I remember you painting a dresser pink, is it? I loved it! You ARE a DIY diva :)

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