My Nest Is Best

I spent today dedicated to getting Trace from diapers to big boy underwear. Every 20 minutes from morning on, we worked together sitting on the potty. And every time he was done he would run off to play.... and then it would get quiet. Very quiet
Each time I would find Trace crouched over hiding shyly in a puddle of pee. "Oops, mama. I did it again, I didn't know. Why do I keep doing that?" We worked together all day cleaning up his little messes. He will get it, but I have to admit, I am going nutso already. The carpet already spots everywhere and I am neurotically trying to keep them from smelling. The washing machine has been open all morning to let Trace  throw his messy towels and underwear in. He's been such a trooper about the whole process and I am so proud of him. 
By mid day the heat and humidity were rising and my nerves were wearing thin, this is day three of training but my first day without the help of Derek. There were a few times I needed to vent to friends and get the confidence to continue and not just slap a diaper on his cute behind. 
I pushed through, and picked up the poop nuggets scattered across the floor. 
At one point our potty timer rang and Trace hopped up, grabbed a book and headed for the toilet. The book he picked was just what I needed at that moment. It was one Derek and I read to him before he was even out of my belly. It was about a bird couple in search of a new home. It ended with the bird having a baby and realizing the home they shared together already was better then any other place they could find. 
Reading this book to my now "big boy" helped ease my tension and reminded me that being at home with my two wonderful kids (poop and pee on the floor and all) was where I should and wanted to be.

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