This mornings breakfast!
Good beautiful morning my dears!
I am writing this in between sibling fights, and Trace pooping his pants, I feel like this simple update on my life may take a bit longer then the half hour I designated to sit down and write....
With that being said, I have been making a conscious effort to keep myself away from the computer now that summer is around the corner. The kids and I have been spending a lot of our time outside on the patio. I need to get pictures up soon of all the work I have done on building my "Tiki Hut haven" as I like to call it. I bought a new gazebo to cover our very sunny patio and was luck enough to get some beautiful hand me down outdoor rugs from my mother in law. Derek has been getting me potted flowers each week to put out there and we even picked up some gazebo lights for the perfect night time touch! Things are coming together well and I love spending my time under the shade relaxing while the kids play. Especially now that I am 23 weeks pregnant but feeling much farther along. My feet are constantly aching and swelling earlier and earlier each day. I will not lie in saying I will be so excited when this is over and my little Pixie is here! She has been thriving so well and I feel her playing around inside of me daily. Both the kids have taken to screaming "hello" to her as loud as they can, and from what I can tell she enjoys it and gives them a swift kick "hi" back. 

Patio lunch
22 weeks pregnant!
Lately things here have been a mix between oddly calming and complete upside down. I am continuing on the potty training road, which is a bumpy road filled with enormous potholes. But we are (dare I say) quickly making progress. As long as I have a timer up on my phone to remind me to get Trace to the potty every half hour or so then things are pretty good. I wanted to give up just as soon as I started and had to really remember the reasons why I wanted to start this in the first place. One being Trace starts preschool in September and they won't accept him in diapers and two, life would be easier if I didn't have 3 kids in diapers. So we are chugging along and doing as well as to be expected, I am very happy about it all. 

Hanging with daddy
Our home<3
Playing pirates
Yesterday was a blast! Derek and I took the kids to Six Flags for the day and while I got stuck on stroller watch (pregnant people and theme parks don't mix very well), I enjoyed seeing the smiles on the kids' faces while they totted off with dad on rides.
I did get a chance to brave my fear of heights and take ride in the air while touring the park. I wish I knew what the heck the ride was called but you basically sat in a metal ball and went from point A to point B via one metal wire. I wanted to close my eyes the entire time. Phoenix who was sitting next to me instantly climbed onto my lap in fear once we began to get higher and higher in the sky. She was both amazed and terrified and I pacified her by taking pictures together, this she loved. 
Flying in the sky!
Waiting for ice cream
After the ride we stopped for ice cream and watched the screaming park goers as the braved the largest roller coaster at Six Flags. We were hot, tired and ready for round two after some cool down time. Then we headed to the water park for the remainder of our time. We all had a blast and the kids passed out the second we got back to our car.
Besides the theme park, we have been hanging close to home and enjoying our backyard, which is just fine by me. I spend so much time outdoors remembering how last summer had been in our old apartment. I am so grateful we have our home now. It is beautiful, filled with sun, and most of all packed with love. At this moment, there is nothing I would want to change.

 I am in complete peace with my life. 

Well, almost, right now I have to head off to the bathroom where the kids are having a picnic (and hitting eachother). 

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