My Newest Scent Obsession!

I received a package in the mail the day before Mother's Day from a friend that literally sent me squealing with glee around my house. You know how much I love my candles and all things delicious smelling, and when I saw the sample kit she sent me I am pretty sure angels were bellowing a chorus of melodies in my ear. 
My friend Robynne works for a company called Scentsy and they are pretty much the best invention in the world!
Scentsy is a wickless and flameless wax warmer that comes in an assortment of gorgeous styles.
 I am not sure about you but I find it hard to burn candles with tiny curious fingers looming around. I usually have to put the candles up some where high and that leaves me missing the beautiful calming effect of the flame and puts stupid soot marks on my ceiling. Kind of ruins the mood for me at times. I have to wait until night time to lovingly show off my candles on the coffee table. Sigh... I miss them during the day. 
I quickly opened up the box in pure joy, ready to see what this contraption entailed and if I could use it while the kids were awake. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could! Robynne had sent me the cutest little plug in wax burner that could be placed anywhere there was an outlet (away from baby hands! Yay!!). 
She also sent me a little package of scent testers, which admittedly I thought were lip gloss. Either way I happily sniffed each and every one deciding which I would try first. 
I attached the light bulb into the plug in piece and put it into the outlet, oh man, I was ready for the delicious smells to waft through-out the house. 
I anxiously waited for the wax to start melting and some what doubted how well a small light bulb would do the trick. But within 15 minutes the wax had melted and my whole downstairs floor smelled awesome. Not only was I impressed with the whole idea of the flame-less system itself, I was more impressed with the fact that such a small burner could fill up my whole home with such goodness. It packed a powerful punch and I was in heaven. Honestly, I texted Robynne instantly saying, "I NEED to blog about this! I am obsessed!"
I flipped through the catalog looking at all of the gorgeous burners Scentsy has to offer and marveled at how well they were priced, $30 for a full size burner is amazing, especially when you look at the quality of the product! $5 for a "bar" of wax is even better! You can grab as many scents as you'd want without feeling like you completely shook your wallet out. 
There is literally a Scentsy warmer for every taste!
I have big plans to fill almost every room with one of these awesome warmers. For the kitchen they have the most adorable cupcake warmer, that I must have.
Seriously?! How cute is that!
 Along with an assortment of scrumptious baking scents. I will most likely end up putting the small plug in burner into the bathroom and buy some floral scents. And they make the cutest princess tiara warmer that I will be buying for the girls' (ahh! Did I just say that?!? Girl(s)!) room. 

Anyways, I am going way overboard here so I apologize but I am just so in love with this product. My home can safely smell awesome all day and I get to keep the decor out and about while the kids are up playing. Win/win in Kelly's world!

Not only does Scentsy sell wax warmers but they also offer a variety of perfumes and bath products that look divine from what I saw in the catalog. 

Robynne also sent Trace a "Scentsy Buddy" as a gift, it's the cutest floppy frog with a zipper pouch in the back to fill with an aromatherapy bag Scentsy offers. I am not going to lie, it smells so good that I kind of stole the frog from Trace and use it as my own pillow. The lavender scent has been really soothing on my nerves. 

This company has so much to offer at such reasonable prices, I am head over heals. So much so that when I told Robynne I wanted to write about it she set up a special for any of my readers who wants to check out Scentsy and fulfill their candle obsession. 

Teeny Tiny Mommy readers can head over to:
Kelly's Referral Party and click "Join Party" 
Once you do so be warned, you will fall in love! 
You will receive a FREE GIFT with any purchase and automatically be entered in a drawing to win a Scentsy/Velata goodie bag valued at over $50!

Velata is a whole other fantastic story that you must try! 
Think fondue party out on the patio with your friends on a dimly lit night, or an awesome dessert treat with the kids! Everything delicious about dipping chocolate (or cheese) minus the hassle of regular fondue pots! 

I can't stop raving about Scensty, and if I didn't have my hands full with the kids and cats I'd most likely be working for them, I am that in love. But for now I just want to share my love of all things yummy smelling with the world! 

Now I am off to get some housework done before the munchkins wake up from naps. thunderstorms are headed our way and I have big dreams of snuggling up on the couch with daddy and the kids to watch a movie and eat popcorn (and probably ice cream). 

Life is bliss!

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Rebecca said...

My mother in law got me a burner one year for mother's day and I love it! You can also buy wax at Walmart or other places, but none smell as much and as long as the actual Scentsy bars.

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