Sorry For My Absence

I took to this blog at an outlet for a long day filled with stress, happiness and whatever else has happened in my life. I enjoy writing my life and feelings out, sharing with those who are interested. But in this moment of life I feel that blogging has not only been placed on the back burner but it is almost daunting. I feel terrible saying this yet at the same time know that each phase of life brings new mountains to climb and adventures to set aside for a bit. Writing I feel is one I may need to set aside. I am going with the flow here, I am following the tides of exhaustion and allowing myself to rest when needed. And most of the time that is every single night the very second the kids go down to bed. My body aches for my "old self" and while I know this is weeks and months away I crave whatever new normalcy is coming in September. For now forgive my absence and know I miss writing and YOU just as much! Xoxo

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