Our Final Choice.

The decision has been made. And it's the smartest choice Derek and I could make for our family. Undoubtedly a hard one but a smart one. 
We have spent a week searching high and low for a suitable rental home. Nothing has come up, despite the work of three different realtors. It just isn't happening for us right now. This has been quite scary for me. My positive outlook has been tested, and I am surprised and happy to say that while all of this has been so emotionally and physically draining, I have (basically) kept the most positive spin I can on the entire situation. 
It's a strange feeling to pack up your home and have no where to go. But we keep pushing. 
Luckily Derek has the most kind and caring parents, and this has opened up a door that we need. 
After late nights spent talking, Derek and I have decided it would be a wise choice to move in with his parents in their beautiful home and spend a year saving money for a down payment to a home. We would be able to pay off what little debt we have, save tons of money, get a better family car that fits three carseats, and have help the entire first year of Pixie's life. 
After sitting Trace down and explaining the fact that we had to move to him (and seeing the pure sadness in his eyes) I feel better telling him the place we are moving next is his favorite place in the world. This will ease the sting of having to leave a home we have grown to love so much. We are so happy here. But we will be happy anywhere as long as we are thriving together as a family. 
In a years time we will be able to buy the home of our dreams and that opportunity is something that renting would not be able to provide us. We would spent another year in a place we only felt so-so about and be in the same position next year as we are right now. I feel confident things are going to be amazing and this choice brings us closer to our dreams of owning a beautiful home faster then any other path would. 
I am so lucky to have such amazing in-laws and a place to rest our heads happily. 
Everything will be just fine. 
I will always have the fondest memories of this home<3

In the meantime I have about two weeks to finish packing an entire house be outta here! Super woman mode activated. 

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Samantha said...

My husband is about to get out of the army and we will be moving from TN to TX into his parents house when we first arrive. It is always a tough choice to move back to your parents house, but sometimes it is for the best. Especially if it leads to even better things! Good luck with your move. :D

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