Butterflies And Tired Eyes.

Can someone tell me if my head is still on straight? 
Holy crap, I am exhausted. Three kids under 4 is so very tiring! I don't think I sit all day until the kids go to bed, and when they are in bed I quickly follow suit. At this very moment I am juggling my two week old Pixie-puff and blogging with one hand. 
Through this all I cannot tell you the amount of times my heart has skipped a beat or exploded with butterflies thinking about my perfect family. I thought I felt complete with just two kids, but three, three, I truly feel complete now. I am so in love with my perfect surprise baby. She has been a dream from day one. Nursing is going so well and I am so happy I get a second chance to breastfeed a baby. I will miss these days when they begin to fade- so for now I am soaking up every single moment of baby/mama time. Pixie sleeps like a champ! Waking every four hours to nurse and pass right back out. I was so nervous how sleep would go but things seem to be pretty darn awesome *knock on wood*. 

The kids are still just as in love as I am with the new baby. Phoenix especially, she proudly announces to anyone who is around that Pixie came from mommy's body and that she too came from mommy's body. She is fascinated by the thought of a baby living in a belly and actually coming out as a small human. I love seeing the wonder and love in her eyes for her little sister. 

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