Savoring The Moments.

I am glittering with excitement today! I can feel a new life blossoming inside of me, changes are coming and my arms are wide open to them. 

We move to our new home this weekend and although the idea of being mauled by two fighting cheetahs sounds alot more fun then moving for the second time in 3 months, I am just ready to get it over with. I am so ready to start decorating and painting. And with Christmas around the corner my decorations and tree will be up as soon as I enter the front door for the first time. Because honestly, what is better than good old fashioned Christmas spirit? Nothing I tell you! I can almost see the snow lightly falling outside the window of our new home now. And it looks heavenly. 

Two months have passed since the birth of my sweet Pixie. She has grown so much and is already almost sleeping through the night. I have really come to enjoy the middle of the night feedings and special time I get to spend with her alone in the dark. She is so peaceful and calm and we have really bonded quickly. I couldn't picture life without this little girl. I have been making sure to breathe in every moment with her, I savor every smile and coo. One thing that has hit me hard is how fast my children have grown. I will keep myself as present as possible to make sure I don't miss her growth. The simple moments of babyhood are the ones I remind myself to slow down and admire the most. My big boy is even bigger and my little Phoenix is no longer so little in my eyes. The time has flown by and I already find myself wishing it back. The years will pass and I am sure there will always be something I wish I could relive again. My mental diary of their childhood is filled with the highs and lows already and I know the memories of these quiet days spent with my children surrounding me on the couch will be the ones I cherish the most. 

I also want to make sure my years at home are spent reminding myself of who I am, who I was, and how far I have come. My excitement over finding a job and expanding my horizons has lead to amazing opportunities. I want my future to reflect a woman who has grown within herself, and conveys a woman of self confidence and pure bliss. This dream of mine has lead me to a wonderful therapist who is in need of a personal assistant, and she has asked me to be her girl! In exchange for doing some of the things she doesn't have time to do in her busy schedule she has offered me free therapy and life coaching. I couldn't be more excited! I need this so badly and I am also dying for some adult responsibility. 
It's a win/win all around and I will be starting as soon as we move. Most of the work I will be able to do from home while the kids nap and such, I will feel like a "real" person again! Ah... life is amazing and I am so happy for my new adventures. 

I am so thankful for the wonderful experiences coming my way!

 The babies say hi!


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