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I have been so exhausted lately- things aren't lining up in my head as well as they normally do. I am drained, I will attribute most of it to the past two weeks being a barrage of sickness in my home. It has not only affected me physically but mentally. I need to redirect my thoughts and feelings back to the place I usually am. Right now I am in a darker spot that I have known all too well. I hate this spot, I hate the negativity, fatigue, and boredom of it. So I will consciously be changing my thoughts back to my red house, my kids smiles, my husband, my good fortune, my friends, and my gratitude for it all.

In light of the above, I usually turn to my amazing friend Bekah for inspiration on kicking my nasty thoughts. Despite the distance, she is one of my closest friends. She gets me, and she loves me regardless! When I miss her I read her blog. I smile, I laugh and I say A-HAH! far too often. I recommend you start reading it as well, you could learn a lot from my little eco- friendly hippy happy baby!

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