My daily cleaning routine!

When I first started out becoming a stay at home mom I had this idea that things in my home would be so easy to take care of. I would have all this magic time to clean the kitchen and the bathrooms, I would have all my laundry done all the time and I would be able to kick back and relax with my children. 

What world was I living in?!?

Things do not come that easily as I quickly found out. I needed to plan, and I needed a strict one. I am someone who needs structure and I set out as soon as possible to give myself that. I had routines written down about the care of Trace, down to the minute of when some thing needed to be done with him. Wake up, breakfast at 7am, nap at 10, play time at etc.....I then had a second list of chores that would get done daily, weekly and monthly. I was pretty goof about keeping up with it until we moved and had our second blessing.
I then decided all the lists and times were too much to keep up with, I then found FLYLady. She has blessed me once again with structure, and ideas on how to keep things in order. The daily emails help keep me on my toes and also show me that I am not alone on my quest for cleanliness.
Instead of getting EVERYTHING in the home done in one day, fluttering here and there, and most of the time forgetting what exactly I started out doing I have started working on one room a week. It has made all the difference. On top of that I have placed a large whiteboard on my fridge with daily things I want to get done.

Morning Routine:
Empty dishwasher
2 loads of laundry (not including diapers)
Wipe down bathroom counters
Vacuum living room
Pick up hot spots (the flat surfaces in your home where you throw odds and ends)

Night Routine:
Load dishwasher
Shine sink
Wipe down kitchen counters
Pick up and put away kids toys

As long as I keep up with my daily and nightly routine the extras come easily for me. I am so over joyed that I have been keeping up with this schedule because it really keeps my home and mind in peace. These clean homes inspire me so much! If I could make my own dream home this is how the rooms would look.


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Bekah said...

I love this Kelly! I need to do this, I have been stressing trying to keep everything done...

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