Thankful Thursday

Today's Thankful Thursday is all about new friends and cuddle times.

I am very grateful for the amazing new friends Derek and I have made, Lakshmi,Stan and their little baby Ajay! They moved here from Texas and Derek got to talking to them when they went to visit the diner he works at. They are the two most down to earth, real, good natured people. It is a breath of fresh air to be around people where conversations come naturally and there is no awkwardness.
Stan, Lakshmi, and Ajay (aren't they ADORABLE?!)
 I have found it increasingly hard lately (and maybe some of it is due to me) to find people who are easy to talk to  and feel comfortable with. Lakshmi has such a warm presence about her and I am so excited to build more of a friendship with her. I feel like I could learn a lot from her and we could have such fun times! I get so excited when I meet new people, I am SUCH a people person and it is awesome to learn new stories and hear about different peoples' experiences in life.

I appreciate the friends I have, they truly are my family. Coming from a place where my family was not close knit I really rely on the friendships I have to fill in the holes that I missed out on with my blood family. I am beyond grateful for all of those who love me. I am so blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing loving beings.

I am also VERY thankful for the extremely special moment Trace and I had tonight. My little boy is not a cuddler by any means, he loves to have his mommy around but always at a distance. My poor little man has been sick, this house is one continuous mass of sickness haha! Anyways, a few minutes after he went to bed he started crying. I went in and he asked me to hold him, my heart melted. We decided to cuddle on the couch and watch tv. He nuzzled his way into my lap and I wrapped blankets around us and just stroked his hair and held him close. I was overjoyed. He has NEVER wanted to cuddle. I soaked up the moment. Then I told him it was time for bed and he said, "No mommy, cuddle me"

OMG!!! How could you say no to that!? It was such a precious moment for me. I love him so so so much, and that will always stick in my heart.

My life is so amazing, always.


“Children are incurable romantics. Brimful of romance and tragedy, we whirl through childhood hopelessly in love with our parents. In our epic imagination, we love and are loved with a passion so natural and innocent we may never know its like as adults.”

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