Playing catch up

I have been so busy lately, and happily haven't been on the computer as often! I am  pretty proud of that considering I have been trying to back away from spending so much time on the web anyway.
Nothing spectacular or very exciting has happened lately. However I feel compelled to post some things I am totally in love with at the moment.

First off, I am totally obsessed with Trace and Phoenix Trafton!!
Pretending it was Halloween again!

Silly faces!

Silly faces!


I can't wait til the sun starts warming everything up and the kids and I can be outside everyday in summer dresses and shorts! I am so excited to do some gardening and smell all of the amazing scents of spring.

Netflix Instant Queue

I don't know what I would do without this some days, I can only watch Toy Story 3 so many times before I feel my brain bubbling and fizzing out my ears. It scared me yesterday that I knew close to every line in the movie. So I said to Trace, "alright time for some new movies" and easily found a bunch we could enjoy together.

This is one of my fave movies this year! Amazing story line and I loved the way it was put together. Kept my attention the whole time, and for me that's a toughie.

Egg Tooth Diapers
Ever since my first purchase of a gorgeous princess fairy style fitted diaper I have fallen completely in love with this WAHM's diapers. I NEED more, I drool every time she has a stocking in her Hyena Cart. Of course each diaper is a little pricey and Derek has cut my off from all things cloth diaper related. But I cross my fingers that he will let me sneak a couple more because this woman knows cuuuuute diapers!!!! Not only that but of all my diapers hers has held in the most blow outs I have ever seen! My daughter saves her princess diaper for the worst of the worst explosions, we have never had a leak! 

Here is the link to their Facebook

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