Things I Love Right Now

I don't have the time (or energy) to post about my vacation just yet but I will soon!

There are a couple of things that I am especially loving at the moment. These things fill my heart with joy and get me really excited!

 Ella's Kitchen organic baby food
I am absolutely head over heals for Ella's Kitchen organic foods. Mainly the baby food pouches.  They are soooo easy to give to my two year old as a healthy snack. He LOVES them, and not only are they so good for him but they tastes awesome too. With flavors like Broccoli, Pears and Peas and my fave Sweet potato, pumpkin, apples and blueberries you can always give your child a variety of taste and know they are getting their veggies (a big issue in my house). On top of that I can pack these for on the go trips, my daughter gobbles them up like there is no tomorrow! Much easier to carry and serve in the car then a jar and spoon. 

Leslie Patricelli Children's Books
My son has been on a "Quiet Loud" kick. He loves the pictures and repeating backto me what is quiet and what is loud. It then helps us to practice manners at home. He remembers what the baby did in the book that was quiet- like coloring and whispering and he knows what loud activity is- like yelling and thunderstorms. 

Cupcake Kitchen Decor

With only 3 months before our lease is up my husband and I have to start getting serious about finding a home for us. I am done with apartment living, and probably renting anywhere as a whole. I am daydreaming about how I will decorate my future home. I know for sure I want a cupcake themed kitchen. Now I don't mean throwing a ton of mismatched knick nacks into a tiny room and calling it decorated. I want to take my time into making it the cutest, happiest little place it can be. Here are some of my ideas, I am drooling at how cute it will be in the end! Etsy is going to have alot more money after I am done with them!

OK get where I am going with this?? It's going to be pink cupcake heaven

Bubble Guppies
It is no secret we are a tv family. I have been really cutting back on the amount of time we watch tv here but as a stay at home mom I need a break some times. Nick Jr has come up with an ADORABLE new show called Bubble Guppies. It is about a cute little group of toddler mermaids and their fish teacher. I LOVE the music and find myself singing along a little too much. Line up everybody outside outside!!!


Bekah said...

<3 <3 <3


I can't wait for this cupcake kitchen. You gotta make me tons of cupcakes. You can start a cupcake business BTW and it would be great.

tia said...

my munchkins LOVE bubble guppies <3

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