For Moo.

Last night our beloved cat Moo ran outside after dark, a no- no in my house. Derek and I had forgotten to let him back in before bed and he was outside all night long. The next morning we had realized what we did and ran to the patio to let Moo in. We assumed he would be starving and waiting to come in.

Moo wasn't there. My heart sank and I knew something had to be wrong- he ALWAYS is around to be fed. We shook cat food, Trace called out for him, we even went on a walk to find our trusty kitty.

I received Moo in the first couple months of moving in with Derek. I was home alone a lot while Derek was off with his band doing bandly (not a word I know, hehe)  things. I wanted a buddy to be with me while I sat around watching tv half the night. Derek and I walked into "the crazy cat ladies" house, as this woman was called. Cats everywhere, in the living room, kitchen, cages piled to the ceiling, in every room. And there in a small bedroom was "Big Moo".  A cat from vermont who was left by a family in the middle of a separation. Not my first choice, but Derek saw hearts all around this kitty.

From the day he was brought into our home he was a member of our family. He slept with us at night and woke us in the morning by purring so loudly. No matter who met this lovely cat, they fell in love with him instantly.
Once Trace was born, Moo was a constant companion. And even now, Moo takes a lot of toddler beatings. He never bites, never scratches, and never growls. Trace loves his Moo Moo unconditionally.
We finished our grocery shopping today and I was still so saddened that our kitty boy might not come back home. As we walked into the front door, Derek ahead of me, I heard him yell, "Moo moo!!!"
HE WAS HOME! He was waiting at the patio door to come in and eat. And once he was done with his lunch he ran right for the door to go out again. That jerk had us all worried and he didn't even know it! For all the times I said he was annoying, I feel terrible. For all the times I said I wanted to get rid of him (you would too if he was peeing on all your things!), I feel terrible. I am going to be extra loving to my kitties lately!


Bekah said...

Oh no! I almost cried, I thought moo was gone. I love him even though that cat that would himself at the attic door and freak me out.


I am soooo glad Mr Moo is home! He is Trace's best buddy!

Erin Dawn said...

Oh!! I use to have a cat just like your grey one in the last photo.

So glad Moo is safe!

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