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I am struggling lately with my sleep deprivation. My little girl nurses so much at night and it is really becoming hard on me. We just need to find our little niche and figure out how to get her to sleep without needing her mommy 100% of the time! House work is falling behind, blog is falling behind. and my poor Tivo is packed with numerous ghost shows and Family Guy episodes that I have yet to watch. I apologize in advance for the horrible spacing and formatting, I don't know why I cannot fix it.

Bright Star Baby

I have been a bad girl, I am snooping around on my old fave cloth diapering sites when I shouldn't be. We have more then enough diapers for my two kids. The gorgeous prints and new brands that come out lure me in and then I find myself searching my closet for things to sell so I can buy some new diapers. 

Kids Preferred Label Loveys Little Lovey Doll

My daughter refuses to take a bottle or a pacifier and I was struggling to find something she would learn to be more attached to besides my chest. Wandering around in Kohl's I was looking for something to keep my daughter busy while we shopped, I happened upon a cute looking doll and handed it to her to play with until we left. By the time we were ready to head to the checkout counter I picked up the doll to put her away. For the first time ever my little girl got so upset she was losing her toy. How could I resist not buying it for her? So I did, and it was the best decision I have made for my baby so far! Think I am kidding?? Nope- this girl is obsessed with what we have now lovingly started calling "Soggy Dolly". She spends her nights falling fast asleep sucking on soggy dolly's hair. She won't take a pacifier but give her this doll and she passes out in a minute! Thank you Soggy Dolly!! This soft adorable plush toy has been a savior to our home. 


Cupcake by - Charise Mericle Harper

"Cupcake" is a glitter-encrusted, fancy book about fancy cupcakes and one special vanilla cupcake with white frosting who was not quite so special. Feeling a little less glitterati than his fancier peers (like Polka-Dot Cupcake, Rainbow Sprinkles Cupcake, Cupcake starts to cry when he is the last cupcake on the platter uneaten. However a friendly candle hears Cupcake crying and comes to the rescue with a number of ridiculous suggestions that first distract Cupcake and finally actually cheer him up. A surprise ending is in store, but kids age 3 and above will not be disappointed with their reading experience of "Cupcake."  -  E. R. Bird  (Manhattan, NY)

                Vanilla Cupcake feels woefully inadequate compared to his deliciously decorated siblings. "Chocolaty Chocolate," "Fancy Flower-Top," and "Rainbow-Sprinkles" are immediately chosen, leaving him alone on the plate. A green candle overhears Vanilla's sobs and comes up with a solution: "Hey, you just need a special topping." Candle's kooky suggestions—pickles, smelly cheese, a squirrel—will elicit a lot of laughs. Candle and Cupcake are eventually united, but a surprise ending will bring more chuckles. Harper imbues her childlike line drawings with lots of personality. A recipe for cupcakes (plain, of course) is included. Readers will gobble up the goofy humor. -Linda Ludke, London Public Library (Ontario, Canada)


 Ok honestly, do I even need to say anything? Let me just show you a picture and try  not to fall in love.



Samantha said...

I don't know how old your daughter is, but I found that offering water to my son (at age three) when he woke up at night helped tremendously. He actually started waking up asking for water instead of nursing and eventually stopped nursing at night all together and is sleeping so much better now. If your daughter is over one, and seems like she is nursing more out of habit than need, it could be worth a try. Otherwise, as cliche as it sounds, it does get better! <3

Samantha said...

Okay so I searched around a bit and it looks like your daughter is 7 months old? so you can ignore my advice. :P

Michelle said...

Ok so I was a cloth diaperer too and I had an obsession as well.. i had well over 50 diapers for my ONE child, my 'secret' to being able to buy new ones all the time is just swapping, sell an old one and just buy a new one! It's the only way to keep up with the addiction! She has since potty learned and I was so sad... i still miss my cloth diapers.. its wierd haha

(i found your blog through bekah's blog)

HelloKelly said...

Samantha- thanks for the advice! I will remember that when she is older if this continues! Hopefully I won't have to remember it haha! My two year old son loves to go to sleep holding his empty sippy cup, I used to fill it with water and then realized he was not drinking any of it. He only liked the hold it at night. Haha.

Michelle- I have been tossing the idea around to do a swap, but my problem is, I love all my diapers! How could I choose which one to give away?! OK- I know which one, the ugly red Unicorn kid Kawaii I had purchased. Sadly, I don't think ANYONE likes that print, so I am stuck with it.

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