Restful night, wonderful day!

Mornings are so different through rested eyes! The sun is brighter, the sky is bluer, the clouds are puffier.... or it could just be the fact this is the first sunny day in three days. All these April showers better actually bring May flowers!
I feel amazing this morning, so amazing that in a half hours time my son was bathed, his nails were clipped (they could have been falcon claws), he is dressed, and currently eating his toast while watching Spongebob. I am actually blogging while the kids are awake! This is great!
Last nights first attempt at putting Phoenix to sleep in her own crib did not go over so well. I  co-sleep for the ease of frequent night time nursing but as said before, it is getting to be a little too much. I got her room all cozy and dimly lit. Put her musical seahorse on and laid her down half asleep. The second she was down her eyes popped open and the loudest shrillest scream erupted from her cute little lungs. She was not having it. She wanted the warmth and smell of mommy and daddy's bed. Alas, after over and hour of rocking, singing, cuddles, nursing, and the end result always being screams- I gave up. She was back in our bed and sleeping like an angel.
I decided though that I would distract her from wanting to nurse at night if she woke up searching for comfort. So when she woke up the first time in the middle of the night I started singing. Don't even ask me what I was singing... I was completely out of it. I believe the song went something along the lines of "go to sleep my little baby no milks at night for little baby. But when you wake up and the sun is shining boobies all day for little baby" TERRIBLE! Yes. Did it work? Yes!! She smiled at her mamma and fell fast asleep again. Why hadn't I tried that sooner? She woke up a few more times, some really needing to nurse. So we did. And other times she was soothed back to sleep by my slurred sleepy song. Instead of nursing 5 times at night she only needed to eat twice! Thank you Phoenix for a nice nights sleep.
Today will be in the low 60's so I plan on taking the kids outside to play. We have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese tonight and I know Trace is going to flip with excitement when he gets there. Can't wait!


Bekah said...

Yay!!!!! Kelly! Thats so great! Sweet baby fifi! Have fun at Chuck E Cheese ;)

Samantha said...

Glad you found something that works! Have a fantastic day outside!

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