Tonight's dinner recipe.

Phoenix decided to share her cold with mommy and daddy. My nose is running like a faucet, my throat is on fire, my head is pounding and if I had a thermometer I would probably have a fever. Sigh....

So instead of talking about stripping my diapers all day,  I will post the recipe to my delicious dinner I made!  I made it up, so don't get mad at me if you don't like it I warned you! :)

I love using the slow cooker, it saves me the time and energy into really working hard at making a dinner and yet it comes out just like I did! Today's meal was a favorite of mine, sweet and sour chicken with pineapples! This was sooooo easy and delicious!

Sweet and Sour chicken

  • 2-4 Boneless skinless chicken breasts 
  • Frozen bag of mixed veggies
  • Can of pineapple rings
  • Boil in a bag brown rice
  • 1 jar of World Harbors Maui Mountain Sweet & Sour Hawaiian Style sauce

  1. Place chicken in slow cooker and cover with sauce
  2. Add frozen veggies on top
  3. Cover and heat on low heat for 4 hours
  4. Add pineapples and pour a tiny bit of juice into slow cooker
  5. Stir and cover again for half hour

Serve over rice and enjoy!!!

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