It's True- All You Need Is Love

I used to spend a vast amount of my energy looking at people with envy.... 

Why did she have the bag I had been wanting for so long and I didn't?
How did he get such a nice car?
Why do they have a big house and I don't? 
What a lucky person that they can pay all their bills without worry... I wish I could.

What was it that allowed them such happiness and ease of life while I was struggling to keep my head above water? 
I stayed in that mind frame for years. Until a few good books, the internet's vast population of "Law of Attraction" websites, and a great husband came my way. It started out simple,  I began doing something that was so subtle I had no idea I was even doing it. 

I was becoming happier. 
It was no one thing in particular that struck me but it was more the tiny increments of life building up inside, until one day I was sitting at home reflecting on how much I had to be thankful for. I had two amazing gorgeous children, I had a husband who worked hard for his family and loved me so much, I had a place to live that suited the needs of my family, I had furniture that made me smile, I had a refrigerator stocked with good food. It was life's little things mixed with the things that mattered most in that moment. And when I was done thinking of all I had to be thankful for I realized it- I felt good. 

It felt good to be thankful.

My entire being tingled with appreciation. And that is no small thing to overlook. Because with that gratitude came waves of more gratitude. And I decided then and there I would continue to focus on what I did have, and what I loved then to focus on what I didn't. It just naturally felt better. And I wanted to feel good.
 I have really come to see that life presents certain circumstances, people, or things to you in order to test what it should bring into your circle. It shows you the purses, clothes, cars, homes, and money to see if you want them. If you spend your time jealous and unhappy that you don't have these in your life then that unhappiness builds. And just like my wave of gratitude, a wave of unhappiness can build from jealousy and bitterness. 
When life shows you something you love don't be sad over the fact you don't have it yet. Just appreciate it's beauty and soon life will start noticing the joy that item brings- therefore giving you what you put out into the universe- that item. Don't be upset when your friends move into a house that you would want, instead be happy for them. Being happy for them is being happy for yourself. The same would apply to any situation.
Being good to others is being good to yourself. 
You get what you put out.

This is not just a fluke- I KNOW this to be true. It's how I have gotten my car, my apartment, my upcoming rental home, and the many amazing gifts that have been given to Derek and I. We sent waves of gratitude and love into the Universe and we were given back what was sent out. I fell in love with my Nissan Cube the second I saw in a magazine. Ok, actually I fell in love with the fact it had the option to make the car have a pink interior with the switch of a light. So that sold me! lol. Anyways- Derek and I seemed to be in no position to afford such a nice car. But we spent months admiring our dream car from afar until the day came when we took a trip to Nissan to check it out. One thing after another lead to us driving off the lot with our dream car. Life handed us many wonderful opportunities to give us what we desired. And you better believe we are still showing gratitude for that day. 

It's simple. 
Be gracious. Be kind.
Admire the things you want in life (even when you think you could never have them) and with patience and love they will be yours. Don't worry about how or when- that's not for you to figure out. Just know what you want and enjoy the good feelings it takes to achieve it.
And if for nothing else- just love because it FEELS GOOD.

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