My Big Ideas!

I planned on taking a nap but in my excitement over next months new adventures all I can do is lay in bed and think about the decorating waiting to be done at the new place. I have such awesome ideas. So I have a plan. I will share them with you room by room and you let me know what you think! 

The first place I am dying to make into a "haven of happiness" is the kids playroom-to-be. I have great plans for this space! The theme will be whimsical forest, and I want to go all out on this (husbands wallet permitting). 

I am thinking of going with an airy blue color- something that not only brightens the room but brightens my children's mood as well. We will most likely be painting the ceiling as well and adding fluffy clouds to it.

I will probably be buying most of my playroom items off of Etsy and Amazon
Hanging play tent
Forest wall decals
Animal Paintings
Tree Decals
Owl Paintings
Organizational Cubes
Dollhouse Bookcase and Table Set

Play Kitchen

Chalkals! AMAZING!

Right now it's a mish mash of ideas but I know once I get it figured out the kids will have an awesome place to play!

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