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A little update on my new medication.
I started Celexa yesterday and I have to be completely honest in saying it is horrific. I like to do my own little research before starting something new, so I had some ideas of how it would be, and I had read from multiple different people reviewing it that it would be bad. I didn't think it would be this bad tough!
To put it into perspective- my body feels like I am hiding from the goverment with some sort of top sercret weapon and a CIA agent is hot on my trail. I am jittery, nervous, nauseous, and paranoid. I know this won't last long, as I have had some wonderful chats with loving people who have helped calm me down and reassure of that fact.
In the mean time I will continue on my internal government heist while outwardly trying to make it through a large gathering today. All I can honestly do is laugh this one off because it is purely rediculous and I know it. If I keep my sense of humor about it all then I am sure it will make the transition much better. 
All I'm gunna say is this stuff better work for all the hell it has put me through in only 2 days. I have had my fair share of antidepressents, anxiety meds, and the like but this is by far the worst. 

Gotta run, a man in a black suit is knocking at my door.....
Oh man, why did I even post this picture. It is freaking me out even more!

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comparatively said...

Oh my goodness, I was put on Celexa after my son was born to better deal with my postpartum depression. I didn't get the paranoia or nausea, but MAN was I sleepy. I felt like I was fighting off huge doses of tranquilizers. It was terrible! Hoping the symptoms go away for you soon, mine subsided in about two weeks.

Just a little warning... I took myself off it cold turkey when we got pregnant with our second child -- WORST WITHDRAWALS EVER. Be warned! No one told me... I felt like I was being zapped/having seizures! (I know you aren't supposed to just stop taking it, but the side effects from me quitting were much less scary than the side effects it could have for the little life growing inside me had I kept taking them.)

Good luck! :)

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