This Week I Promise

This week I promise to:
Start meditating again. I was on a daily roll of at least 15 minutes of mediation. It has changed my life, brought peace to my daily routine, given me a sense of complete fulfillment and happiness in myself. 

Continue on my path to finding new ways to create a stronger bond and love my son. 
I have been reaping the rewards of not suffocating my son with hugs and kisses and accepting him for who he is what he accepts as affection.
Trace took pictures of himself on my phone. 

Help Phoenix to stand on her feet without being so wobbly. She has finally started pulling herself up to stand and I think her first steps are right around the corner! Go baby go baby! 
Phoenix standing up watching our friend Matt spin a penny!
Have some more me time. Coffee date with a friend, a well overdue eye exam (I am going blind lol), movies with my mom, and potentially getting a car for myself. 




laviera, photography & people lover said...

You said "today I promise to start meditating again". I am just but a nanny, and though my duties end midday, this is the number one thing on my list to be able to do it all over again the next day.

Jessica Rae said...

I think you're def on the right track momma.

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