13 Week Ultrasound

I went in today for another check-up ultrasound to see if my subchorionic hemorrhage had healed itself. 

The bad news -it hadn't, it was still the exact same size. 
The good news- The baby was thriving, kicking and squirming! 
Love you baby!
I know this is my third time around, but it still amazes me how fast a baby can grow in a matter of weeks. Two weeks ago it was a tiny bean and today we saw a nose, and a mouth! 

Trace was overjoyed to be able to see the baby moving in my belly. He squealed with joy when the ultrasound tech let him listen to the heartbeat. He was amazed! As soon as she was done recording the heart beat he instantly said, "I want to hear it again! Play it again!" 

I go back in 3 weeks (and I am keeping count- that means I will get to find out the sex!) to see if the hemorrhage has gone away. The doctor told me alot of the time they can clear themselves up around that time. I will be crossing my fingers! 

I am encouraged at the way things are going. I know everything will be fine with this little fighter :D 

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Anonymous said...

keeping our fingers crossed for you and your new little bundle of joy~

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