Love What You Do, In Every Moment.

Hello my dears, 
I have been having an icky moody week. Pregnancy hormones are tearing me into bits. I have gone from up and down in a matter of minutes and probably have scared my husband a few times. For the most part everything is wonderful! My bleeding has stopped, oh yes! I did a little dance when no one was looking. Things should be on the upswing from here on out! And if that changes I will be just fine. 
I now just have to battle regular ol' pregnancy symptoms. You know the wonderful ones like the above mentioned and lack of sleep. The exhaustion better hit the road soon now that I have entered my second trimester. 
Luckily my support system of dear friends is growing. I have many people I can turn to if I need to moan and groan a bit. I have had a few play dates the past few days with mama's I just adore! I am working on building my relationships up with people I feel good around. Those are the ones that fill me with happiness and I hope I can do the same for them. 
I have been in a little rut lately with finding something to call my own. I go through such phases with this. For weeks I can be completely content staying at home 24/7 and diving into motherhood with nothing else in between. After all, it suits my anxiety issues quite well. And then I am not so content, I get itchy. I am such a restless soul. I constantly feel the deep inner need to be doing "more", yet I never know what that more is. I still haven't found my niche and I am craving it desperately lately. I am trying to keep the urges at bay because I know now more then ever I need to take it easy. 
One day my "me thing" will come to me. 

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