Loving My Little Boy

I had such a nice day today! I caught up with old friends and we all laughed and shared motherly stories while trying to ward off bickering between toddlers. We ate donuts. Drank coffee. And smiled lots. 
The kids had their fill of the jumpy castle and by the end of the afternoon all the mommies had their fill of craziness. 
Trace and I headed for a nap once everything calmed down. He curled into bed with me and sweetly said, "my favorite place to be is sleeping next to you mommy." Oh, it was heart melting! I smooshed into a gooey pile of love and threw my arms around him. 
I will take all the time I can to cuddle with my boy before he gets too old and I turn into the most uncool person on the planet to him. I am guessing that is around 10, right? Hehe! 


Rebecca said...

Aw :) I love snuggling for naps too and soak it in while I can. I know it won't last forever.

Sounds like an awesome day!

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome~ I'll keep my fingers crossed for 12! ^_^ My little guy is barely 2 1/2 and I love every minute with him. He's a super snuggler right now <3 and I hope it never ends~

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