Burning My Candles!

Something about a good candle makes any day a little more special. I am an avid candle burner. Every single day I have a candle lit somewhere. It makes my home smell like home and brightens my mood when I need it. Something about a yummy candle burning in the home makes a snowy winter day feel like you are surrounded in a warm embrace. A beautifully woodsy scented candle in the summer brings the aura of camping to your couch.
I love a good visit to Yankee Candle. I take my time strolling through the sea of heavenly goodness. Smelling as many candles as I can before my head begins to ache from all of the different scents. I love the holiday season where Derek lets me go a little bonkers and buy as many as I'd like. My candle stash is always flowing.
However with a third baby on the way, saving money is high priority. Therefore my beloved days spent browsing Yankee Candle have been put on hold. But I always need amazing replacements for my candle loving ways! I am so happy that I found a brand of soy candles at Target that fit in our budget (just $10!!) and smell just as delicious as YC ones do! I am so in love with the earthy scents. 
Both my home and I are smiling right now! 
I may need to go on another candle shopping spree at Target soon!

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