Snipits Of My Day

Today was wonderful, peaceful and filled with mommy and daddy love alike. Derek let me sleep in while he folded laundry, cleaned the dishes and played with the kids. 
Phoenix had her first day of physical therapy and she did as well as could be expected. She hadn't had her nap yet and her patience was thin with a stranger trying to get her to stand and take steps. It was an eye opener to learn just how much I have been coddling her and enabling the some what bratty behavior she has formed. 
I do have to step awake and let her work to walking instead of running over to console her when she cries out of frustration. 
After a day at home we all went shopping for toddler games and then to dinner. It was a nice end to a fun day. 

Practicing writing
Ice cream face!
Passing the time
Milk break
Dad found his coffee mug!

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