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I am knocking on wood as I type this but I am beginning to feel like my energy is returning a tiny bit. That or the nesting phase is hitting a little too early. I have been cleaning up a storm, taking quite a few more breaks then I normally would in between, but cleaning none the less. 
I made an awesome lasagna today, a home cooked meal is something we haven't had at home in months. I just haven;t had the energy to muster up something yummy. But this afternoons fight with turkey meat in the skillet versus two toddlers vying for my attention was well worth it. 
Spinach and turkey lasagna!

I have started a mini knitting project for the kids. I am making them small lovey blankets. Nothing too big but something they can hug and think of me. I will be knitting the blanket and then sewing a minky fabric to one side of it making it multi-textured and oh so soft! 

The first half of Trace's blanket is finished we just need to sew on the fabric. I will post a picture once it is done. I have started Phoenix's as well, the yarn I am using for hers is to die for! I am so obsessed with it. 

I spent a good part of my rainy Sunday watching the History Channel and knitting to my hearts content. It was wonderful. 

Trace has figured out a new way to "baby wear" consisting of my stretchy headband. He carries his dolls everywhere like this. And any time I try to capture a picture of him he instantly makes a weird face. Boys, heh.

Phoenix has been enjoying torturing her little sister in the womb. She pokes her tiny nubbin of a finger into my belly and gleefully laughs when I tell her that Pixie is squirming inside from the poke. However any sort of talk of the baby actually arriving makes her very angry. She crawls all over me jealous of the thought she may have to share her mommy.

The kids and I have spent copious hours cuddling and watching television. Bad I know but in my state I am just trying to survive. And they really don't mind all the extra love they get while we sit together. These are special moments for us. 

After my little rant the other week, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do something small to make myself feel better. The kind folks at REMBRANDT® sent me a 2 hour whitening kit to try and I was eager to use it. Finding time to not eat for two hours was the hard part, but one Saturday morning while the kids were away I took advantage and got to work on making myself feel a little bit better. 
Inside the package you are given two mouth pieces and 8 tubes of whitening gel. After quickly softening your mouth guards in boiling water and placing them in your mouth to form around your teeth, you are ready to put the gel into them. This was all very quick and easy, I boiled up some water in a mug and sat at the dining room table getting everything ready.

I placed the gel filled mouth pieces in and went about my laundry waiting the designated 20 minute session. There would be four of these with a ten minute break in between. As I sat there folding laundry, and drooling profusely, I was waiting for the teeth sensitivity to set in. Every time I have used any sort of whitening strip I have always noticed sensitivity. This time, although I had to keep a drool rag nearby to wipe up my continual spit, I noticed no pain in my teeth or gums. I was pleased. 
Once the 20 minutes were up I ran to the sink to spit out the gel and anxiously checked out my teeth. They were noticeably whiter after one application! I was impressed and happy. I felt better about my smile already. So much so that I have waited to use the next three since I didn't feel I desperately needed them. 

I took a before and after picture but with the lightening it is hard to tell the difference. This is my after and I plan on keeping up with the treatments weekly until I run out. I am pretty darn impressed with this product! 

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