Snippets of my day

The past two days have left me slumping into the couch at the end of the day in a puddle of mushy good feelings. Yesterday I forced myself to drop the chores and just BE with the kids. 

My daily naps with Trace have been such a wonderful blessing. It is our special time together. Yesterday Trace spent some time reading before he passed out. 

We laughed, played, and cuddled. The whole day was family time and I tried my best to drop my neurotic tendencies to have everything done in a day. I soaked up the imagination of my kids and watched them love not only me but each other. 

And once the kids were down I noticed I was more at ease then a day spent trying to do it all. 
Hubby and I enjoyed some chinese food and watched tv together. It was calm quiet and stress free.
Mango shrimp....yummy
This morning was a rainy one, we watched cartoons together and then went shopping! 

I got some much needed maternity outfits and daddy got some clothes for himself. Some times it really feels good to get some clothes for yourself.

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