Going, Going, Gone!

I would be lying if I said what I am about to type doesn't make me a little sick in my stomach. 

Remember when I told you we would possibly have to move if our rental home sells? Well, it's just sold and we have 45 days to find a new place. 


We looked into buying a place but right now it isn't looking like it would be a smart idea at the moment. So we need to find a new rental home which is easier said then done. I have scoured Realtor sites and Craigslist with little finds. But since it's day one we have some time to figure things out. And although the answers aren't  hovering right in front of our noses I have strong faith we will find something amazing. And I sincerely hope it is somewhere we can plant some roots and stay for years to come. I feel so bad that we have to move Trace from a home he adores so much. And I am dreading giving him the news. 

This preggo has alot of packing to do, and I am so happy that after this move we can put all of this moving to rest for a while. And then it will be a frenzied month of preparing for a new baby! 
Ah!!! I'm only a tad stressed hehe. 

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