Home Is Where My Family Is

My energy has completely changed-the stress has lifted and I am feeling amazing about the plans Derek and I have for the future. A future that isn't very far away at all.
 Packing that could have been done in a month will be done this week with the help of my family. And although the walls are bare and rooms are empty I am slowly finding myself weaning from the attachment I have here. This is a good thing, I am learning to let go and move forward with gratitude for the present moment. I no longer live completely in the past and can find the joy in every moment that passes. This of course is not something that happened over night. In fact the joy in all of this is the fact it has taken me years to get to a point where I no longer panic at the thought of change, and I welcome it with an open heart. Change means inner growth and a larger understanding of myself. I realized that for the past two weeks, as each night passed and the internal calender in my head ticked off the days we will be in this well loved home, I was feeling less and less upset. And less attached. It honestly came down to the most simple fact of all (as cheesy as it may be, it rings true in this moment), my home is where my family is. 

So in lieu of these thoughts- the kids and I are soaking up every last bit of this amazing home. 
We are painting. 
Reading poetry.
Cuddling on the couch.
Discussing our feelings on this big change.
Loving each other more. 
And planning for the future. 

We are all so excited!
Painted himself head to toe!

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