Every day presents itself to me in a way that I am left exhausted by the end of it, yet feeling hopeful and optimistic for the life I build every second I am alive. Nothing is perfect, and I would never want it to be that way. After all, what would I have to look forward to if that were the case? My heart is filled with the promise of a bigger family. Sisters who will share hair bows and dresses. A big brother to protect them and I am sure, knock them down just as often. Siblings who will grow to love each other when I am long gone. A family unit filled with precious memories of the amazing times we shared, and memories of the trying times we over came. 
Every day I laugh. 
Every day my heart smiles. 
Some days I cry out of frustration.
Some days I crack under the pressure of motherhood.
And it's all ok.
 I am human and I am on a mission to make this life authentic for not only myself but those who surround me.

Here I am as Kelly- I cry too often, and I love the release. I am obsessed with my children, and it annoys them at times. I need to learn to let loose a little more. I crave quality conversations with friends I don't see nearly as often. My husband and I take work- some days we try harder then others to be each other's best friends. But we are a family, and the importance of that trumps any problem ever in our way.
I am Kelly and I love whole heartedly. I give my all to everything and I will never stop doing so.
Any path I take in my life is destined for joy and sorrow at one point or another. My arms are open and ready for every challenge that comes to me- these are the times that will shape me as the woman I am growing to be.
Proud. Strong. Confident. Loyal. 

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