My Morning Reflection.

Ah, morning...
Here in my home that can only mean one of two things. I am either hiding under my blankets in bed repeating my morning mantra of, "no no no no no no" while the kids scream down the hallway and run into Pixie's room to sing to her their 'Good Morning Song'. Or it's the occasional morning where every one is still rubbing the sleep from their eyes and would rather lay on the couch watching cartoons, thus, giving mama some peace before the craziness of the day begins. 
This morning it's the latter and my sweet Pixie lays cuddled up with her dolls while the shrill sounds of Spongebob resonate through my house.
  It's still too early for Spongebob... It's always too early for Spongebob.

There is a stillness about this morning. 
Snow is falling softly outside my bay window as I type this, and it leaves me in the most reflective state I have been in for quite some time. These are the moments I cherish, the times I stop and observe my surroundings with such a massive amount of gratitude. I can physically feel the lightness from layers I have shed and folded neatly into my minds closet. I will hold them close always, each a part of me that lends to remind how strong I am. How strong I will always be- even without them.

These are the mornings I can see the beauty in the mundane. Light shines off of my children and I am able to see past the here and now, the fights, and crying. I am able to stop and breathe in their existence. Truly see their souls and thank everything, everywhere, for the chance I was given to be their guide for this lifetime. 

These children we hold, nurture, clothe, and bathe are so precious. I have lost so much time fretting over the future. I have closed my eyes only to open them again to find my baby has now grown into an independent entity of her own. I have found my tiny son is now one of the funniest and intense 5 years olds I know. I have missed so much by not appreciating my mornings the way I am right now. And today I will absorb whatever I can in this very moment.
 I will never experience this exact piece of life again... How incredible.

“Forget yesterday - it has already forgotten you. Don't sweat tomorrow - you haven't even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift - today.” 
― Steve Maraboli

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